Monday, October 24, 2011

Abundant Life Retreat - Branson, MO

Rick did a great job of sharing the mission of Sojourners with the group who are attending this workshop.  There was a panel of four representing different ministries sharing how people could be involved.  We have also heard some good talks from Bruce McClarty, Howard Norton and Harold Hazelip.  The weather has been beautiful and we are enjoying the physical and spiritual uplift we are having here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Camp Bee

We are starting our second week here in Marshall, Tx at the Sojourn Workshop. There are some great speakers and interesting topics. We are getting to know more sojourners and Rick is even teaching one class. The weather has cooperated and we have some wonderful cool mornings.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Home and Gone Again

We spent a week in the village but are back in Marshall Tx again for the Sojourners Workshop. A good trip back from Colorado and a few days to see family. We did stop and see Brandon and Kristy Procell in Wichita KS on our way home. They are a lovely family with kids, Gracie and Jordon. The Mabery clan joined together in our home for bbq and it was great to have Cody healthy enough to come. Then it was on to Benton to see Greg and Janice's new home in Maumelle. It will be fun watching them make improvements. I need not say they already have begun with painting! After getting the rig set up in Marshall we headed on to Jacksonville to hug on memaw, Brit and Zac. It was great sharing lunch with Judy and Larry also! Brit and I skipped out to do some shopping and missed seeing Brent and Laura and their boys Brooks and Hayden. Hopefully I will see them Thanksgiving. Brenda just called and said she is coming, not to get Hoppy here!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Estes Park

We are ending our 2011 travels in Estes Park, CO. The views are incredible, the Elk were everywhere, the Rangers clinched the division, and the weather was perfect. Topping off seeing God's nature was meeting with our brothers and sisters on Sunday. What a great lesson from Bob Lewis and meeting new people. We are heading back to Arkansas with a quick stop to visit with Brandon and Christy Procell in Wichita. It was been a wonderful summer and looking forward to more!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mountain States Children's Home Longmont, CO


We have been here for the past two weeks with one more to go! What a beautiful place and a great work of God's people. There are four houses in the complex that work with kids 8 to 17. The facilities are impressive but the people working here are even more so. The dedication to helping these kids find a life where they are loved but more importantly learning of Christ's love. We have been painting, digging, weeding,cleaning but also finding time to fellowship with those who work here and the kids. Even more of a blessing is getting to know the other couples sojourning here. The team leader is Don and Verna Wolf with team co-leader John and Linda Terry. The others include Jerry Don and Helen Sanders, Ed and Wilma Sela, Glen and Anita Carson, Clyde and Carolyn Estes, Charles and Barbara Shelton.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bear Lake to Steamboat to Longmont


We are about to end our traveling days to stop in Longmont, CO for three weeks at a sojourn at the Mountain States Children's Home. We left Bear Lake and travel through Wyoming south into Colorado. We stayed over one night at Yampa River State Park then joined Roger in Steamboat for a couple days. It was a beautiful drive from Steamboat Springs through the Poudre River canyon to arrive at Longmont. The weather has been beautiful and I think I am saturated with looking at beautiful scenes! Now we are in Longmont and have been working for three days. It feels great to work again! ha! Next blog will be about the home here and the people who live here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

From Tetons to Bear Lake

Palisades Lake

We spent some time at Bear Lake State Park before continuing to Steamboat Springs to meet up with Roger, Rick's brother. The area had a more desert terrain, but beautiful in it's own way. We made friends with some neighbor who were traveling from Louisiana and shared a fire for a couple of nights.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grand Tetons

We have been in the Jackson Hole area for three days and have really enjoyed the beautiful setting. An extra special blessing was camping next to some fellow Sojourners, John and Linda Terry. It was fun to share a meal and get to know each other. They were at Camp Bee last October but it is hard to really get to know people when everyone is new. They are headed to the same sojourn in Longmont that we are, so it looks like we have three weeks together and are excited about meeting the other sojourners that are new to us.

The Grand Tetons are every bit as grand as people have expressed. The Lord has created a beautiful world and every day we can still be amazed. In the morning we are moving south to Bear Lake. Still haven’t seen any bears but after hearing about another man found in Yellowstone dead from a bear, I think I’m ok without seeing one in the wild!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park is an amazing place to see. What we didn’t realize was the different landscapes that the park presents. We entered from the East and came through a pass that looked over Yellowstone Lake. There were lots of standing dead trees that we assumed was caused by the beetle. Then the green expanse of fields and pine trees took over as we came down the pass. Driving on the west side on our way to Old Faithful, was rolling hills with rivers and even a waterfall. Then the hot springs started showing up. Old Faithful is the most reliable geyser but there are many over the park area. When we drove the north loop it was more mountainous with beautiful valleys. The cliff sheep and bears are more in that area, but we didn’t see any. We got our fill of buffalo and did see a few elk. Also pronghorn antelope were numerous. We dry camped one night in Yellowstone park before moving the camper to a park outside near West Yellowstone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten Sleep to Cody Wyoming

Drive through the passNear campsite in Ten Sleep

We left the area of Rushmore and Devils Tower and headed to Cody, Wyoming. The drive was so beautiful we decided to stop in a small town called Ten Sleep for the evening. We just missed a music festival that was ending that night. Next day we drove on into Cody where it still has a western town feel. Must be all that Wild Bill exhibits that are everywhere. The museum was worth the money and was very well done. The Irma hotel and restaurant was famous and named after his daughter.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower

Mt. Rushmore
Devils Tower

Powder River Pass
We were glad to have stayed off the beaten path when we chose Hot Springs SD for our few days in this area. We did not look at the dates of Sturgis! Motorcycles everywhere. I did not realize that it involved the whole northwest corner of SD for this event. They were like ants, black ants, invading all the towns surrounding Sturgis. I don't think I ever have or ever will see as much chrome and black leather as I have the past few days. We enjoyed Mt. Rushmore and took the drive through the wildlife loop and saw lots of animals. The Crazy Horse memorial was interesting and will be amazing once completed. After moving to the parking lot of the Spearfish church of Christ in Spearfish, SD we drove over to Devils Tower and took that drive. We were blessed to share worship with the congregation in Spearfish. Evidently they had just returned from their week long bible camp in Deadwood and had a mountain top experience. One couple we met were inactive Sojourners. The Village church of Christ had helped fund the beginning of this work. It looks like the Lord is blessing them. We took off after services to drive to Cody WY but enjoyed the Powder River Pass so much that we stopped in Ten Sleeps to have a nights sleep before continuing on to Cody. So much beauty to see! gail

Thursday, August 11, 2011

South Dakota

Corn Palace (made from corn cobs)

We have spent the last few days in South Dakota. We spent a few days in Sioux Falls visiting the falls and some Sojourning friends. We had to do a few repairs to the RV but were on our way again Wed morning. We spent last night in a small Mom and Pop campground just outside of Badlands National Park. This morning we took several hours to slowly make a 35 mile loop through the park. It was awesome! Some scenes looked like they belonged on Pluto. Otherworldly appearance!

We also took a tour this morning of a Minute Man nuclear warhead launch site. Most have been decommissioned since the treaties signed with the USSR back in the early 90’s but we still have 450 pointed over the North pole at various spots. It was definitely a man thing but Gail was a good sport as always.

We are now in the Black Hills area and tomorrow will visit Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and several other scenic spots. They have a big herd of buffalo I am excited to see so will try to take photos for a future blog. This is also bike week in Sturgis so there are bikers everywhere! Didn’t plan on this one!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catching up!

Sorry we have not posted blogs lately. Not sure who is really interested anyway but here goes! We were very active in Michigan with Rick's sister, Brenda, husband, Jim, and brother, Roger. We first went to a lake and took two days pontooning around while camping at the state park. We went fishing in Lake Michigan and caught enough for a wonderful fish fry that Jim cooked. Then Roger, Rick and I took off a weekend to train to Toronto from Detroit to ride bikes around the city and watch the Rangers play baseball. The last weekend we all went to the Detroit to cheer for both the Rangers and the Tigers, well all except Rick! Now we have traveled to Chicago, where I got to have a wonderful visit with my high school friend, Joni Snyder Bingham, and see the city by one of those hop on, hop off, bus tours. We left Chicago and stayed one night in Des Moines, Iowa and now we are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Whew! We are having nice travels and no real problems. We did buy four new tires today with the help of Les Hawkey and his wife Dixie who are fellow sojourners. It was nice to share breakfast with them. Our plan now is to head to the Mt. Rushmore area in the Black Hills and see what is going over there. I will try to post pictures in a more timely manner! gail

Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to Houghton Lake Michigan

We arrived Wednesday to Brenda and Jim's house on Houghton Lake. Brenda (Rick's sister) had been working hard to get her landscaping job and as you can see she did an awesome job! The backyard has a fire pit that we have been enjoying every night. The weather is wonderful but unfortunatly by Sunday it will be up in the 90s. Oh well, we will still enjoy talking smack with the siblings. gail

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

South Haven Michigan

Beautiful weather and location! We are enjoying walking, biking and watching baseball here on the Lake Michigan coast. A couple of days relaxing after meeting up with Roger (Rick's brother) and now we are off to Lake Houghton where their sister, Brenda, and husband, Jim, live. This morning the temp was 58! Sorry for all you guys in Texas and Arkansas!

Monday, July 11, 2011



Zipline Canopy Tours
Grove City
We had a great time in Ohio. We stayed at the Grove City church of Christ and worshiped with them on Sunday. It was a great small time atmosphere with street music Friday night and farmers market on saturday night. We saw the sights of Columbus and drove south to Hocking Hills to zipline in the tree tops. Now we are heading north. Good weather and beautiful sights.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Springfield, IL

After leaving our family reunion in Branson, we headed to Springfield, the Land of Lincoln. We can appreciate and honor President Lincoln so much more now after learning and relearning the history of this great president. Springfield is a beautiful city and all the sights were well done.
We were able to attend a flag lowering ceremony at Lincoln's Tomb. The 114th Infantry performed the ceremony and it was a great finale to the 4th of July!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Reunion Branson

Our Branson Mabery Reunion was a success! We had 43 cousins, aunts, family members joining together at a hotel that was very accommodating for our event. Good food, sharing memories and making new ones. Besides the pool, shows, shopping and go-carts we got a lot of visiting done. Next reunion is tentatively planned for Montana 2013!