Thursday, August 11, 2011

South Dakota

Corn Palace (made from corn cobs)

We have spent the last few days in South Dakota. We spent a few days in Sioux Falls visiting the falls and some Sojourning friends. We had to do a few repairs to the RV but were on our way again Wed morning. We spent last night in a small Mom and Pop campground just outside of Badlands National Park. This morning we took several hours to slowly make a 35 mile loop through the park. It was awesome! Some scenes looked like they belonged on Pluto. Otherworldly appearance!

We also took a tour this morning of a Minute Man nuclear warhead launch site. Most have been decommissioned since the treaties signed with the USSR back in the early 90’s but we still have 450 pointed over the North pole at various spots. It was definitely a man thing but Gail was a good sport as always.

We are now in the Black Hills area and tomorrow will visit Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and several other scenic spots. They have a big herd of buffalo I am excited to see so will try to take photos for a future blog. This is also bike week in Sturgis so there are bikers everywhere! Didn’t plan on this one!

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