Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grand Tetons

We have been in the Jackson Hole area for three days and have really enjoyed the beautiful setting. An extra special blessing was camping next to some fellow Sojourners, John and Linda Terry. It was fun to share a meal and get to know each other. They were at Camp Bee last October but it is hard to really get to know people when everyone is new. They are headed to the same sojourn in Longmont that we are, so it looks like we have three weeks together and are excited about meeting the other sojourners that are new to us.

The Grand Tetons are every bit as grand as people have expressed. The Lord has created a beautiful world and every day we can still be amazed. In the morning we are moving south to Bear Lake. Still haven’t seen any bears but after hearing about another man found in Yellowstone dead from a bear, I think I’m ok without seeing one in the wild!

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