Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower

Mt. Rushmore
Devils Tower

Powder River Pass
We were glad to have stayed off the beaten path when we chose Hot Springs SD for our few days in this area. We did not look at the dates of Sturgis! Motorcycles everywhere. I did not realize that it involved the whole northwest corner of SD for this event. They were like ants, black ants, invading all the towns surrounding Sturgis. I don't think I ever have or ever will see as much chrome and black leather as I have the past few days. We enjoyed Mt. Rushmore and took the drive through the wildlife loop and saw lots of animals. The Crazy Horse memorial was interesting and will be amazing once completed. After moving to the parking lot of the Spearfish church of Christ in Spearfish, SD we drove over to Devils Tower and took that drive. We were blessed to share worship with the congregation in Spearfish. Evidently they had just returned from their week long bible camp in Deadwood and had a mountain top experience. One couple we met were inactive Sojourners. The Village church of Christ had helped fund the beginning of this work. It looks like the Lord is blessing them. We took off after services to drive to Cody WY but enjoyed the Powder River Pass so much that we stopped in Ten Sleeps to have a nights sleep before continuing on to Cody. So much beauty to see! gail

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