Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park is an amazing place to see. What we didn’t realize was the different landscapes that the park presents. We entered from the East and came through a pass that looked over Yellowstone Lake. There were lots of standing dead trees that we assumed was caused by the beetle. Then the green expanse of fields and pine trees took over as we came down the pass. Driving on the west side on our way to Old Faithful, was rolling hills with rivers and even a waterfall. Then the hot springs started showing up. Old Faithful is the most reliable geyser but there are many over the park area. When we drove the north loop it was more mountainous with beautiful valleys. The cliff sheep and bears are more in that area, but we didn’t see any. We got our fill of buffalo and did see a few elk. Also pronghorn antelope were numerous. We dry camped one night in Yellowstone park before moving the camper to a park outside near West Yellowstone.

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