Monday, October 10, 2011

Home and Gone Again

We spent a week in the village but are back in Marshall Tx again for the Sojourners Workshop. A good trip back from Colorado and a few days to see family. We did stop and see Brandon and Kristy Procell in Wichita KS on our way home. They are a lovely family with kids, Gracie and Jordon. The Mabery clan joined together in our home for bbq and it was great to have Cody healthy enough to come. Then it was on to Benton to see Greg and Janice's new home in Maumelle. It will be fun watching them make improvements. I need not say they already have begun with painting! After getting the rig set up in Marshall we headed on to Jacksonville to hug on memaw, Brit and Zac. It was great sharing lunch with Judy and Larry also! Brit and I skipped out to do some shopping and missed seeing Brent and Laura and their boys Brooks and Hayden. Hopefully I will see them Thanksgiving. Brenda just called and said she is coming, not to get Hoppy here!

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