Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We are in the Tampa Bay, St Petersburg area and enjoying some warm weather finally. We have spent the previous 10 days or so with sub freezing temps every night! The temp is supposed to get up to 75 today.

We are in a “snowbird” park for the first time. As I write, a man is belting out over a loud speaker that shuffleboard starts in 5 minutes!! What a hoot! Last night that had bingo and when the announcement came I looked at Gail…….”no way!” she said!

My neighbor across the street had his ten speed with a for sale sign on it. It had a lot of rust but it had one great asset. A bigo wide pan seat!!! My butt is so sore from riding that skinny thing that seat looked real good. So I asked him how much. He said $10 bucks……sold! So now we have three bikes! Brenda said I couldn ‘t find a bike for 10 bucks….well here it is. Some people get all the luck!

Lets here from the rest of you. Rick

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