Wednesday, January 19, 2011


“Jumbo liah and a crawfish pie,and a feila gumbo…. Ah tonight I’m gonna see my mesha meiro!” I can just hear Dad clearly singing this tune from my first memories. Yesterday we went to the Gumbo Shop in NO and had some great Cajun cuisine. Our favorite was the blackened catfish PoBoy sandwich.

We have seen most of NO from the seats of our bicycles! I did not think we would ride them much but we have used them a lot! We probably rode them 10 miles yesterday and we have the sore rears to prove it. The highlight of our stay was the WW II museum. It was really well done and helps to put the whole conflict together in your mind. We got caught in a driving rain storm two blocks from our park last night and before we could peddle home we got drenched! Oh well, good memories.

We are headed to the Mobile Alabama area today and then east from there. We have decided to try and take in the Arkansas Razorback-Florida Gators basketball game Saturday in Gainsville. Should be great fun!

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  1. Shouldn't the sign behind you say, "Donut Shop?" At least, if you are in fact my mother it should.