Sunday, January 23, 2011

Razorbacks in Gainesville

Well it was an exciting thought to see the Razorback men's basketball team play in Florida, but the game did not go so well. We are camping in Old Town about 40 miles west of Gainesville. We purchased tickets on the internet and headed over to the game. The campus is pretty and the auditorium nice. It wasn't long into the game when we realized our guys were having a real problem with just about every aspect of the game. We had great seats and the people were very nice around us. We saw other Razorback fans but didn't speak to any. Hopefully they will get their stuff together before the next game. We worshiped this morning in the Old Town church of Christ and heard a wonderful sermon. Now football is on and tomorrow we head toward Clearwater.


Rick getting ready with a tailgate party!

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  1. that baby weber is mighty cool, but that hick arkansas razorback northen sign hanging on the truck is just so hick!!!