Monday, January 17, 2011


We are finally off on our first sojourn and it feels great. We got off on Saturday morning at about 9 am and made it all the way to Vicksburg Mississippi! We had several arguments with the GPS lady and found out she was right most of the time. That lady drives me nuts sometimes but she breaks up the monotony on long stretches so I made Gail turn her “voice” back on after we had muted her earlier. We arrived in Vicksburg around 3 pm and found our RV park with ease. We sailed thru check in and everything was peachy until we could not find the trailer keys! Unfortunately we had left both sets hanging on the rack next to the back door at home! Oh well. We cut the lock off of the hitch with bolt cutters and pray someone does not empty our camper while we are sightseeing! Haha.

We went to church this morning and attended a delightful small congregation. The church was unusual in that it was 50/50 black and white members. A grandfatherly white gentleman taught the class while a charismatic black brother preached the sermon. He taught on why God lets Satan have his way with us and he was spot on. Gail held a spirited 2 year old boy for most of the sermon. He was very interested in her white skin but more so her big black purse!

After church we headed for the Vicksburg National Civil War Park. We took a couple of hours to drive around a 16 mile tour with a audio narrative on CD. The North held the city of Vicksburg under a siege for something like 47 days. Grant came close to losing his army on several occasions but finally wore down the heavily outnumbered southern defenders. It was very interesting how the narrative was sensitively bias toward the south. The Texas brigade didn’t perform too well but we won’t tell the folks back home. They are still in denial over who won!

Headed to the “Big Easy” next. Whoo hoo! Will write more later. Rick

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