Monday, June 6, 2011

Ditch Digging and Muck-Muck

We did a lot of different things at Crowleys Ridge College the last two weeks but I excelled at one. Ditch digging! A local Christian brother volunteered his digging machine but there was plenty of opportunity to use a shovel to cross over existing cables and phone lines. It is really amazing how dirty you can get digging in red dirt four feet down in a 8 inch wide ditch!

Gail excelled at cleaning dorm room walls and painting them. She says it is amazing how much food and general muck-muck college kids can manage to get on their dorm room walls! She and her friends painted and planted flowers in a large planter at the entrance to the college on the last day. Sure looked nice. Overall we had a great time meeting new friends and just helping out the school.

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