Thursday, April 14, 2011

Staying Busy

We have been able to get some important things done in the village since we were unable to leave for our travels. We had a garage sale, which every time we have one we promise to never have another! It wasn't about making money but getting rid of so much stuff! And that we were successful of. We had a very busy day on Friday and a little more on Saturday, but the blessing was being able to take all the leftovers to Northside on Sunday because the Hispanic congregation was going to have a yard sale next weekend to benefit their mission trip. Whew! that was great! Now tables are gone, the garage cleaned out and ready to start packing boxes and storing them. We are going to take down the elk and caribou mounts and store them in the garage storage room trying to make the house more seller friendly! Ha! Rick has been getting around great helping weed, plant, clean and even shop at Walmart. Although, he had way too much fun driving the cart.

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