Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long Weekend

After some painting and organizing the Sojourners have three day weekends to rest and re-create. Friday, Rick and I took our bikes to Highlands Hammock State Park and rode along the trails. It was beautiful with its boggy atmosphere, I felt like we were in some creepy swamps when we walked along the boardwalks over the water. We didn’t see any alligators but we felt them looking at us. Then we joined Tony and Martha Anthony at the Boc Tower and Gardens. The gardens were quite extraordinary and the tower impressive. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to walk through the park. We even picked oranges from the tree. Rick got back in time for a couple games of tennis with Jim Welch and after grilling burgers on our Baby Q we played some spirited card games of hand and foot with Maxine and Jim Shepherd. Of course the girls won ..again. Now we are on our way to Miami to visit Carlos and Maribel Precidio. Looks like it is going to be about 85 degrees.

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